Solutions for Your Industry


SENCOR offers solutions for:

  • Law firms
  • Corporate legal counsels
  • Banking, financial services, insurance
  • Corporate marketing teams
  • Publishers of online content and electronic databases
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    SENCOR offers law firms and corporate counsels legal research and analysis, document drafting, contract abstracting, case summaries, and electronic document review. SENCOR also helps emerging law firms write their Web pages in a customer-enticing, search-engine optimized, yet legally authoritative manner. We further aid legal organizations in determining their market opportunity in key legal practice areas.

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    Marketing teams utilize SENCOR’s competitive intelligence research on customer profiles representing global, large, midsize, and emerging companies worldwide. SENCOR tracks significant events in the competitors, top customers, and key industry players of the Fortune 1000 and some of the most recognizable brands. We also assess the market opportunity of many organizations in key market segments, and research the pricing, features, and sources of numerous products’ competitors.

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    Finally, publishers and other organizations that present information online or in print allow SENCOR’s experienced researchers, authors, and editors to work on their newsletters, Web copy, marketing reports, manuscripts, student references, encyclopedias, professional directories, and company profiles to ensure factual accuracy, substance, and readability.

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