Content Acquisition

More than simply receiving data, SENCOR’s Content Acquisition solutions involve active research and direct contact with primary information sources. It also includes developing and maintaining automated data-acquisition systems, ensuring quality, keeping up with competitors and substitutes, and mining information for new product opportunities.

Web Research

Tell us the kind of information you want, optionally with a few leads about their Web sources, and we will gather all reliable (first-hand) information on the Internet that fall into your desired content criteria. We will even structure it in your proprietary in-house format. Our holistic researchers and editors will customize research and Webdata-gathering methods and automated tools that will give you optimal quality-for-volume content (the greatest amount of information for the content type you desire). Examples: Legal Documents, Directories

Online Surveys

If you want your sources to give you firsthand information—for them to come to you instead of you to them, SENCOR can develop database-powered surveys on the Web, customize a personalized survey invitation template, select and contact your respondents, generate follow-up invitations, compile results, and analyze them based on all available and relevant dimensions. Examples: Customer and Market Surveys

Contacting Data Sources

We develop and execute various and simultaneous means to reach first hand sources of information. We customize and send credible mass e-mail and broadcast fax. We can even supplement these efforts with a limited outbound call-center effort, as well as an inbound customer-support call-back capability. Examples: Product Awareness Campaigns

Competitive Product Reports

Since SENCOR already looks at your information sources, we might as well take it a step further and help you benchmark the currentness and completeness of your content against the sources, competitors, or substitutes that we encounter. We can continuously supply you with the answer to the question that keeps anyone in the information publishing industry up at night: Does your competitor already have a product or update that you do not yet have?

Mining for New Content Products

Aside from reacting quickly to competitors, as a publisher, you must also actively mine your information sources for new product opportunities. A particular source may have data in hand that is yet unpublished but would be valuable when synthesized and bundled with your current publications.

We understand that in information publishing, context is key. By understanding your business and your market, SENCOR is able to discern which unpublished raw data will add value to you and your customers when it enters your context. SENCOR has been instrumental in launching a number of new information products for some of the largest publishers in the world.

Online Acquisition Methods

SENCOR also develops auto-acquisition systems—scripts and programs that automatically capture data, mostly through scheduled website downloads. If you already have such systems running, then SENCOR can help you monitor their performance: Are they downloading as scheduled? Are they loading into your system within X minutes of receipt? What duplications or inconsistencies slip through? How can you improve these systems?