Content Conversion

A number of SENCOR's end-to-end BPO relationships initially begin with Content Conversion. They then eventually extend to full outsourcing of entire publishing processes, with the added benefit of higher quality content-conversion output because of an increased stake in the accuracy of your data.


SENCOR offers a full range of data conversion services to support the more encompassing Content Development BPO. These services are:

  • Keying
  • Automated Electronic Conversion (from one e-format to another)
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR, from paper to electronic text)
  • Database Entry (keying entries into a database application)
  • Typesetting (laying out for print publishing)
  • Scanning (from paper to electronic image)
  • Graphics Enhancement (cleaning, sharpening, or applying other effects on electronic images)


SENCOR works with virtually any data format that you want converted. While we work intensively with industry-standard e-publishing formats such as XML, SGML, HTML, Quark, and Miles, as well as popular software application formats, our unique proposition is the ability to quickly learn, conform to, and enhance your own proprietary data coding format.


We have an established credibility for quick ramp-up and ensured delivery of output, from as short as 17 hours to as long as three weeks.


SENCOR's experience with the most exacting publishers—whose bread and butter are the accuracy of their information products—positions us to take on almost Six Sigma quality requirements: up to 99.995%. We make this possible through an interplay of our own in-house QA technology (from the generic checks on spelling, punctuation, spacing, and coding to automated authentication of input to client-specific QA macros), our clients’ proprietary QA programs, and the contextual knowledge we developed about our clients’ businesses.

Contextual Knowledge

SENCOR intentionally aims to learn more about your business and content products and use this contextual knowledge to implement sensible QA standards and methods that increase your information’s accuracy. Because we perform your entire publishing process, we become the customers of our own content conversion output. Because we know your business more thoroughly, we are able to generate higher quality output.

Other vendors treat content conversion as short-term commodities. SENCOR uses it to support long-term BPO relationships.