Content Enhancement: Post-Conversion and Editorial Value-Adds

SENCOR's Content Enhancement solutions make quality content immediately available to end-consumers, even while (or before) editors add their value-added enhancements. Our editors and researchers analyze, categorize, abstract, index, and edit information for objectivity and more effective consumption by users. SENCOR’s final editing then brings together editors’ value-added enhancements and SENCOR’s post-conversion QA, to ensure the highest value content (in both substance and accuracy) before the final output stage.


During and after SENCOR’s content conversion solutions, we aim to surpass our customers’ QA requirements. We do this by running the customer-specific QA validation technology we develop for each engagement as well as directly accessing—through our IP VPN—and running our customers’ in-house QA systems.

We then load this initial data onto the online publications, making it immediately available to customers who demand as-it-happens information feeds. Often, consumers want bare-minimum content to be available right away, allowing value-added editorial enhancements to come later.

SENCOR takes care of updating and plugging in the gaps in this initial online content with the latest, real-time information. Even when content is already available to end-consumers, SENCOR continues to load updated information that trickles in, giving consumers the latest, best-value information service.

Many publications are re-combinations of the same raw data, and SENCOR is well-versed in running such multiple combinations through the appropriate processes to reach the desired output, all the while updating the client’s internal tracking systems (e.g., ERP). Trust us to learn how to combine and re-combine your data and send them through diverse product-paths for further processing or immediate output

All these are possible because SENCOR sets up secure, direct connections to your content-processing systems, as if SENCOR were physically at your site.

Editorial Value-Adds

Published content is rarely useful without value-added editorial enhancements. SENCOR’s editors and researchers provide such enhancements as synopses, abstracts, analyses, subject categories, indexes, links to related literature (by the same publisher, by competitors, and by public references), and online contact information (e-mail addresses and URLs).

More than these, SENCOR applies developmental editing and research decisions that make your content richer than you thought possible. In a recent project, for instance, SENCOR fully managed several of a top publisher’s flagship products and came up with more e-mail, websites, subject categories, research topics, and international coverage than any other point in the publications’ history.

Final Editing

Final editing involves processes that are very similar to post-conversion, with the major difference of the presence of editorial enhancements. SENCOR also simulates user scenarios, tests the sample output’s behavior, and corrects all potential errors. We further fine-tune the editorial enhancements, if necessary, working off a common database system with our publishing clients.