Content Output

Aside from making information available in print, CD-ROM, or on the Web, SENCOR’s Content Output solutions involve making multiple, optimal combinations of content for different output formats and re-issues; testing the pre-published sample; and updating the publisher’s Enterprise Resource Planning systems (e.g., SAP) in real-time.

Scope Definition

SENCOR is well-versed in defining the scope of the publication, issue, release, or edition (whatever you may want to call it); editorially determining the optimal amount of content to be included; and balancing timeliness with production cost.

Data Extraction

We then extract content from your previous publications and combine it with new data to generate a new information product.

Output Review and Testing

Particularly for electronic publications, SENCOR simulates the most common user scenarios and most infrequently asked questions, fully aware of the breadth of the market you serve. We test a sample online product’s behavior according to well-documented test cases or test scripts that we ourselves wrote. By trapping and correcting errors in such a detailed fashion, we ensure your customers of an online publication that is completely foolproof and error-free.

Final Output

Thus, your product will be ready for online publication on the Web, for typesetting for print (which SENCOR would also do for you), or for final CD-ROM imaging.


SENCOR understands that you are a professional global publisher with well-coordinated real-time reporting systems. Being involved in your production process, we can take care of updating the necessary data in your ERP.