Data Gathering and Resarch

Questions oftentimes need specific answers. If you think every question can be answered through a quick Google search, you’ll be surprised to actually realize that you’re already halfway through the search results page and still not getting anything. SENCOR understands how frustrating supposedly-quick searches are, that is why we have developed research strategies to organize and analyze information, making it more meaningful and thus, more useful.

We create insightful content plans, employ the appropriate programmatic alerts and online feed subscriptions, form the right team structure, and apply human judgment at the correct stages in the process to research content.

SENCOR manages ongoing lookouts for new content in both document and multimedia formats; audits data sources and replaces them with fresh and relevant Web references; and helps secure permissions for licensed information.

Our researchers continuously look for updated content from a pre-identified set of online sources or for entirely new Web data sources; find, compile, and narrate factual biographical information and discover new literary works and critical reviews about them.

SENCOR manages third party multi-volume flagship directory titles end-to-end, from listee contact and information vetting, all the way to online publication.

We’ve helped publishers migrate from content acquisition through licensed third party vendors to full ownership of content by publishers.

Over the years, SENCOR has delivered intelligent solutions to research needs of top organizations across different industries. Count on SENCOR to provide information on:

  • Corporate information: Fortune 500, publishers, broadcasters, law firms
  • Publishing: new works and titles, biographies, critical reviews, bestsellers, fiction and nonfiction
  • Law: state and federal statutes, trial documents
  • Academe: colleges, financial aid, occupational education
  • Organizations: international, national, regional, state or local
  • References: student resources, encyclopedias
  • Information Centers: public libraries, university libraries, special collections, historical archives

You should be benefiting from research results, not being hurdled by them. In whatever industry you are in, SENCOR Research makes sure you get the right information. Contact us and discover the power of meaningful, useful, and current information.